Saturday, August 30, 2008

Looks like we're gonna be stuck in the house this weekend. Me, Chris, Wyatt and Brayden all have been invaded by a nasty bug. I don't know how he got here, but he is NOT welcome and I guess he has decided to stay and torture us all anyway. He is the kind of bug that comes out both ends. YUCK! He is spreading very rapidly, so we have quarantined ourselves in our house until he leaves. So far Alyssa and Abby do not have it and I keep telling them to STAY AWAY, but they are not listening. I am sure the bug will eventually take over them as well.

Last night, we had a little b-day party for Chris. He turned 29 on the 27th. His family came over and we cooked out. I started to get sick while they were here and ended up in the bed (and on the toilet). I hated that I couldn't join in on the fun. Chris and Brayden started getting sick this morning. Wyatt has been a little sick for a couple of days now. I didn't realize it was a bug until I got it too. I really hope no one else in Chris's family gets invaded. I would feel really bad! Oh, wait, too late......I just got off the phone with Chris's mom, and his sister has been invaded, YIKES! Sorry Tiff.

I have a special prayer request. An online friend, Michelle Hills and her husband Dan have arrived in Ukraine today to start their second adoption journey. I have been following their blog for a couple of years now. The adopted a beautiful 10 yr. old girl in 2006 named Yana and are about to adopt 3 more children. One 3 yr. old girl with Cerebral Palsy (beautiful little girl) and an older boy and girl siblings. Please pray for their trip to go smoothly. Michelle is an amazing woman!


adoptedthree said...

Hi Julie
Glad to see the updates! We found the bio families of the kids as well and wish we could afford to take them over. V's great grandmother that watches his half sister is already 86! I wish he could meet her.

The kids get more beautiful every year and Wyatt is a doll

Take care

Chris and Celeste said...

I was on FRUA and saw your blog address. Your children are beautiful and look just like you guys. You would never know they were adopted. It is wonderful that you are taking them back to the Ukraine. We are in the process of adopting. Thanx for sharing.

adoptedthree said...

Hey Julie
Its me again I saw your post to my Its a girl blog (you know I wonder how I keep up with both blogs and the kids working FT-LOL)

Anyway that was pretty cool so you ARE thinking...

Everytime we start we stop and DH better restart soon or his age clock will stop us from what we are looking for in age!! LOL

Still that is how we work. One day on, next day off. We know what it takes and that is half the battle (or most of it and the mighty dollar :)

Smiles and hugs