Saturday, September 6, 2008

What do you get when you put seven 6-7 year old girls together and give them sugar, candy, popcorn, pizza, etc??? Ummm................

A few pics from Last night....
Here is Abby getting all messy with the ice cream Sundays
Alyssa on left with her friend Kylee and cousin Jacey.
Here are the cakes I attempted making (note to cakes next time.....muuuuuch easier)
Here is my two boys, are't they darling??? :)

Well we had a CRAZY night last night!!! I decided to let the girls have a sleepover for their birthday. Their birthdays are both in September so I do their parties together, much easier and cheaper that way. Anyway, we had 5 girls come over and with our 2 that made 7 wild, squealing, crazy girls running around our house! LOL :) They ate pizza, had cake, made ice cream sundays, watched movies and ate popcorn, had pillow fights! Needless to say, all of the sugar had them WIRED!!! They had a BLAST though and Mama's taking a break today!!!!

I am really looking forward to tonight though! My sister in law is having a little boy and instead of throwing her a shower, 10 of us are going to a Japanese steakhouse for dinner. GREAT idea I must say and tons cheaper than doing a shower since everyone is paying for their own dinner.

The nasty bug FINALLY left our house! It was pretty ugly! We all got it except for Alyssa. I hope he never shows his face at our house again....YUCK!

OK, off to take a nap :)

Till next time,


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