Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Abby's birhtday and a poll......

I can't believe that my little Abby is 8 years old now. Her birthday was yesterday on the 9th. We went to Texas Roadhouse with my family to celebrate. YUMMY! and she took cupcakes to school to share with her friends. Also, as I a sure that you have read in an earlier post, Abby and Alyssa had a sleepover last weekend (Alyssa's b-day is the 29th). September is a very busy month for us...........
Sept. 8-ALyssa's gotcha day
Sept 9-Abby's b-day and Chris's sister's b-day
Sept 23- my twin nephews b-days
September 26-My B-day
September 29-Alyssa's b-day
not to mention that Chris's b-day is the end of August and Abby & Brayden's gotcha day is October 12th.
crazy, crazy, crazy time of year for us...........but so much FUN!!!! :)

Oh, and I have put a poll up in the right hand corner of our blog. Please cast your vote! We are trying to decide which airlines to book for our Ukraine trip in February. Is between Lufthansa (layover in Frankfurt) and Northwest Airlines (layover in Amsterdam). They are both around the same price. We have decided to do an overnight layover and can't decide which city would be best. What do you think??? And if you have any input on either of the airline's itself, we'd love to hear about it!

Thank you!

Monday, September 8, 2008


It has been 4 years already?? Wow, how time flies! On this day, in 2004, we were officially named the parents of Jayley Alyssa Nolte, formerly named Olesya Ruslanovna Mazilina. What an awesome day that was!! We picked her up from the orphanage and the first day of our life as a family began. It was the coolest feeling in the world!!

Thank you Lord for leading us to our child and thank you Ukraine for giving us one of your precious children.

We LOVE YOU Alyssa!!!

Here is the food we cooked for Alyssa's gotcha day. This was Alyssa's request. There was a fast food potato place in Kyiv that we went to often. She would always get cheesy hot dogs in hers. It actually turned out pretty good.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

What do you get when you put seven 6-7 year old girls together and give them sugar, candy, popcorn, pizza, etc??? Ummm................

A few pics from Last night....
Here is Abby getting all messy with the ice cream Sundays
Alyssa on left with her friend Kylee and cousin Jacey.
Here are the cakes I attempted making (note to cakes next time.....muuuuuch easier)
Here is my two boys, are't they darling??? :)

Well we had a CRAZY night last night!!! I decided to let the girls have a sleepover for their birthday. Their birthdays are both in September so I do their parties together, much easier and cheaper that way. Anyway, we had 5 girls come over and with our 2 that made 7 wild, squealing, crazy girls running around our house! LOL :) They ate pizza, had cake, made ice cream sundays, watched movies and ate popcorn, had pillow fights! Needless to say, all of the sugar had them WIRED!!! They had a BLAST though and Mama's taking a break today!!!!

I am really looking forward to tonight though! My sister in law is having a little boy and instead of throwing her a shower, 10 of us are going to a Japanese steakhouse for dinner. GREAT idea I must say and tons cheaper than doing a shower since everyone is paying for their own dinner.

The nasty bug FINALLY left our house! It was pretty ugly! We all got it except for Alyssa. I hope he never shows his face at our house again....YUCK!

OK, off to take a nap :)

Till next time,