Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Abby's birhtday and a poll......

I can't believe that my little Abby is 8 years old now. Her birthday was yesterday on the 9th. We went to Texas Roadhouse with my family to celebrate. YUMMY! and she took cupcakes to school to share with her friends. Also, as I a sure that you have read in an earlier post, Abby and Alyssa had a sleepover last weekend (Alyssa's b-day is the 29th). September is a very busy month for us...........
Sept. 8-ALyssa's gotcha day
Sept 9-Abby's b-day and Chris's sister's b-day
Sept 23- my twin nephews b-days
September 26-My B-day
September 29-Alyssa's b-day
not to mention that Chris's b-day is the end of August and Abby & Brayden's gotcha day is October 12th.
crazy, crazy, crazy time of year for us...........but so much FUN!!!! :)

Oh, and I have put a poll up in the right hand corner of our blog. Please cast your vote! We are trying to decide which airlines to book for our Ukraine trip in February. Is between Lufthansa (layover in Frankfurt) and Northwest Airlines (layover in Amsterdam). They are both around the same price. We have decided to do an overnight layover and can't decide which city would be best. What do you think??? And if you have any input on either of the airline's itself, we'd love to hear about it!

Thank you!


Kevin and Krista said...

We were very pleased with Lufthansa. I have no way to compare it to anything, but I have no complaints. We had our layover in Munich.

The airline workers were nice and friendly, the kids were happy (maybe nothing to do with the airline), that bathrooms were the cleanest I have ever seen on an airplane, and we got to and from Ukraine in one piece. ;)

I am sure there will be something neat to do in either place. Happy planning!

:) Krista

DoveFamily said...

Happy Birthday Abby!

We flew Lufthansa going over there, and we really liked them. Our layover was in Frankfurt, but only about 2 hours. Coach had much better leg room than other flights we've been on, which of course is a big deal for Zack! Everyone was nice, everything was clean, and the food was decent.

(We were on Delta coming home. Very cramped, but the staff went out of their way for William, including extra snacks, letting him see the cockpit, and then giving him a better seat for landing so he could see well.)

Anonymous said...

I have never been to Amsterdam but I would definitely pick there over Frankfurt. We spent an afternoon in Frankfurt a few years ago and decided to go elsewhere in Germany for the remainder of our stay because there was nothing to see/do; not much in the way of history, landmarks, etc. Best of luck to you! So glad to see the new blog!

Two Peas In a Pod said...

Hey girl! I didn't know you had a blog! Glad I found it!! I got one too! Miss you guys...can't wait to see you all at the wedding! :)

blessedbigtime said...

YOu have been tagged. Read my blog for instructions.